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We are glad you could stop by and say hi....while you’re here, please have a look around. We do not build trailers for sale. This website is just here to help you learn more about teardrop trailers and the wonderful people who build them. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy all we have to offer up. If you have any questions for us, why all you need to do is ask.

What is a Teardrop trailer?

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In the most general terms, a teardrop trailer is a comfortable, convenient, and compact CAMPING TRAILER! Most often, it has a streamlined "teardrop" shape, especially the original types from the '30s, '40s, and early '50s. There is room for two people to sleep comfortably inside. And there is an area for cooking outside under the rear "hatch" or "galley lid"

A typical teardrop is 4' wide, 4' high, and 8'-10' long. Some are as big as 6-1/2' wide, 5' high, and nearly 12' long. Most have the wheels & tires outside the body covered by fenders, while larger types often have them inside the body.

The making of Snuz Box

Our home build Teardrop

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About Us

This website show cases our teardrop (SnuzBox) along with the lifestyle of building and owning a teardrop trailer.

Our Teardrop Trailer